Frequently asked questions

How long for delivery?

We ship out withing 24 hours, but delivery to you epends on where you are in the world... Australia 3 - 5 business days Canada 15 business days Rest of the world 12 business days

How heavy are the signs?

Not very heavy, between 60 - 100g. Light enough to sticky tack directly onto wall/door if you didn't want to use nails.

How are the signs sent?

The signs are sent by Australia Post as a letter. They do not have tracking. Tracking means the postage cost would more than double the price of the sign, so to keep this an affordable product, we send the signs as a letter.

Are they gift ready?

Yes, each sign is automatically rustically gift wrapped for free!

What is the material of the signs?

The signs are made from wood, bought sustainably from Australia. The paints used are all acrylic based. To hang the sign, we use jute string twine stapled into the back of the sign. This can be cut off if you prefer, and you can stick tack the sign directly onto the wall or door if you did not want to use a nail.

Are they really handmade?

Yes! Each and every sign is individually handmade and hand painted, making no 2 signs exactly the same. Your sign will look as close as possible to what you see in the photos, but because of the natural grain in different pieces of wood, they will always be unique. An original everytime!